Thursday, December 31, 2009

Will Wild Horse Crisis Drag Willie & Cheryl to "Horse-Aid"


....Proceeds, of Course, to Go to The Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Legal Defense Fund. We are building the "A" Team of Wild Horse Defenders. Can Music help us pave the way to a long awaited "Return to Freedom" for our American Herds? The Wild Horse (and Burro) Warriors think so, if the musicians are so inspired and those with the BIG BUCK$ (and I dont mean the 4 legged kind) cut loo$e with a little cold hard cash and support them! Thats what its gonna take to help them get inspired. Hey, they're only human, and money does talk as we all too well know for that is the gist of the problem we are dealing with here. I know if I had three or four billion dollars and really cared about the wild horses (and burros) I would in a heartbeat turn around and say to Willie, "Hey Willie, I'll give you a million bucks if you will hold a benefit concert to help the wild horses."

What do you think he would say to that?

Maybe we should start a National Fund Raising Campaign so we can raise the $$$ on our own so we can offer it to Willie ourselves in hopes of compelling him to do the concert. Of course, by the time we have met our goal of one million dollars, the wild free-roaming horses (and burros)will be gone and the few stragglers left will be sterilized.

Will musicians come to the rescue and give a benefit concert?

Sheryl Crow Joins in Wild Horse Fight

Will the millionaires and billionaires who claim to be wild horse advocates contribute to the cause in effort to make it happen?

Barbi Twins Join Wild Horse Fight;

"We shall see," said the blindman, as he nodded and winked at the blind horse he rode in on.

Farm Aid started as a benefit concert on September 22, 1985, in Champaign, Illinois, held to raise money for family farmers in the United States. The concert was organized by Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young, spurred on by Bob Dylan's comments at Live Aid earlier in that year. (Dylan said, "I hope that some of the money...maybe they can just take a little bit of it, or two million, maybe...and use it, say, to pay the mortgages on some of the farms and, the farmers here, owe to the banks....") Nelson and Mellencamp then brought family farmers before Congress to testify about the state of family farming in America. Congress subsequently passed the Agricultural Credit Act of 1987 to help save family farms from foreclosure.

Today, Farm Aid is an organization that works to increase awareness of the importance of family farms, and puts on an annual concert of country, blues and rock music with a variety of stars. The board of directors includes Nelson, Mellencamp, Neil Young, and Dave Matthews. Young's speeches about the environment are a highlight of the annual shows.

The 2005 concert, marked the 20th anniversary of Farm Aid, took place at the Tweeter Center in Tinley Park, Illinois, with events in downtown Chicago as well. The 2007 Concert took place at Randalls Island in New York City (1st Farm Aid in New York) and was recorded in High Definition to be broadcast on HDNet as a 2 Hour Special highlighting many of the performances from the Allman Brothers and Counting Crows to John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson.Farm Aid finally planted its deep seeds in St. Louis for the first time in October of 2009, with the big benefit event unfolding all day at a sold-out Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.

It was a long day of messages -- just say "no" to factory farming and "yes" to family farming. The point couldn't be stressed enough, it seemed, whether via the interactive Homegrown Village area, the concessions, the PA system on the concourse and the performers from the stage.

"We want our farms back," said rock icon Neil Young at the top of his set. Later, he said: "I hope you're enjoying Farm Aid. We'd enjoy it more if you'd give us some money."

But it was the music, not the messages necessarily, that packed the joint, the wall-to-wall rock and country music. And Farm Aid overflowed with it, culminating in headliners Willie Nelson, Young, Dave Matthews and John Mellencamp, all Farm Aid board members. [St Louis Dispatch]


Marilyn Wargo said...

Thank you, I do wish we had more dedication from the monied people. I feel like they want to organize us and be leaders but not team players. I have had a bone to pick with Mad. Pickens all along as she could have financed some very powerful work months ago and has preferred to have her own Mustang Football venue.

I have often used your blog posts at mine and I need to thank you for doing some excellent work and having the guts to say things that needed to be said.
Thanks for all you do, Peace, Mar

Mz.Many Names said...

Deleted comment was a duplicate of above

Monika said...

Oh how powerful this could be - with the mainstream catching on thru music - Yes, Madeleine... where are you ? With your mula you could truly organize a legal team of no comparison or the bases to get this project started - money talks - so please use it to speak.