Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FERC, WH&Bs, & The Big Ruby (Pipeline)

I am having another idea on how to fight this (Calico) gather other than through the courts. I understand that these removals are part of the plans for (is it?) the Ruby Pipeline? If so, that project has to be licenced by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) I am familar with this branch of gov't because we live directly across the street from a hydroelectric facility (FERC Project 2616) which also operates under licence from FERC, and you know I am always hollering about the conditions and need for improvements down here at "The Project." When I do holler I holler first at whatever power company happens to he holding the lease at the time, and if they ignore me or give me no concern usually all I have to do to spur them into action is threaten to call "their bosses" at FERC though I never ask them to do anything they are not required to do by the terms of the (52 pg.) lease; see it here on the "Hoosic River Project" page;
Over the 9 yrs I been livin here, I have had to  actually call the FERC-Folk a couple a times, so I do have some contacts with them, though in a different dept I am sure. Anywho, what I am thinking is to find out who is in charge of the Ruby Project at FERC and direct our concern (and request) to them asking them please not to grant a licence to the project if it is dependant upon the declimation of our wild horse herds. We could remind them that those lands are BY STATUTORY LAW "specially designated" principally for wild horse and burro use. .  shall we go on to tell them of all the law suits that are flying and will be flying if the plan goes through without some protections to insure that our wild horse and burro herds are maintained in viable numbers to insure that they will remain free and wild and forever roaming about upon their historic and STATUTORILY designated rangelands? 
I was thinking there are several ways to do this, we could make up one letter but signed by all, or we could do a  petition and pass it around and when we get enough signatures we could send a hard copy, or we could bombard them individually. Ideas?  
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Marilyn Wargo said...

It is likely BLM strategy and not Big Rubies to be rid of the horses but having Big Ruby say the horses are OK and not in the way would only take some enterprising person some time to find out from their legal dept. and to know if BLM made promises or not to remove the horses. Can you ask around? Mar

Mz.Many Names said...

It is not unheard of to include protection of our wild equines in energy exploration leases, such was the case with Shell Oil. One has only to look at the leases and I belive that is public info. What would be interesting to learn is what lands, if any, did the Dept. of Reclaimation ask be cleared of wild equines. I have read somewhere that if they ask, the BLM has to do it, so they could be a part of the problem too.