Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SOS for Caliente, Seaman & White River Herds, Nevada!!

The Govt' (Bureau of Land (Mis)Management) has long wanted our wild horses off of our public lands. The BLM originally started out as "The U.S. Grazing Service" and was created for the sole purpose of protecting the interest of the ranching industry. Ranchers have always hated wild horses. They look at them as competition for their cows forage. Nothing much has changed today. It is the ranchers pushing the BLM to get the wild horses off our public lands,..and they (as usual) are getting their way, at least on the state level.

The ranchers and the BLM like to blame "rangeland degradation" (over-grazing) on the wild horses, only they never mention that the privately owned cows that graze these same lands by govt permit outnumber the wild horses 200 to 1!! Nor do they mention the fact that these lands are permitted for other uses that also contribute to rangeland degradation like ATV / ORV use or big game that outnumber the wild horses 3 to 1. However, as it turns out more recently, it is not really about "rangeland degradation" anymore,....its about "land-swapping," special interest, development and "community building." Even the BLM is starting to admit that now, could they not? Its getting so obvious these days.

The Ely BLM District in Nevada is getting ready to round up and remove all of the wild horses in 11 "herd management areas.." These lands were legally designated to the wild horses by the provisions of the Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act of 1971.

Not only are the going to remove all 600 wild horses and burros roaming these lands, they are going to "zero-out" over one million acres of their lands. Not only are they stealing our wild horses, they are stealing their lands too!

Although the public comment period has "officially" ended, these offices listed below are the ones in charge of these removals, and will at least listen to your comments. You can call them and let them know that Americans wont sit still for them "erasing" our wild horse herds and taking away their lands.

Thanks again!

BLM Ely District Office
702 N. Industrial Way | HC 33 Box 33500 | Ely NV 89301
Phone: 775-289-1800 | Office Hours: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm M-F

Caliente Field Office
US Highway 93, Building #1 | P.O. Box 237 | Caliente NV 89008
Phone: 775-726-8100 | Office Hours: 7:30 am - 4:15 pm M-F

Americas wild horses really are in crisis today. What is happening in Nevada is happening all over our western states, but we ARE NOT powerless to stop it - we DO have powerful voices and, believe it or not, we have the law on our side. What the wild horse movement needs is some DAM good passionately committed to the cause legal experts (lawyers) on their side, working TOGETHER as a UNITED Front attacking the roots of this evil via one great big class-action lawsuit for the overall mis-managment of the wild horse and burro program....on a federal (not state-by-state) level, maybe even by request for an emergency Writ of Certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States? Anyways, attacking ALL the removals at once in one court would be the lawsuit that should end the necessity of any further state litigation. Can we do it? Can we "get ourselves together" in a hurry to save our wild horse herds? Do we have any other choice? What will the consequences be if we dont attack these illegal removals "on the whole" in an effort to put a stop to them all? What other alternatives do we have? Close your eyes, what do you see? (nada, zero, zilch, nothing)The removals will go on as planned until and unless and ORDER is issued to cease and desist them all.

I would say people if you have a voice (and I know you do) to please use it to keep up our opposition to these removals. Meanwhile, if you know of any good lawyers you may want to talk to them about taking the case or at least becoming part of the legal team we will be trying to build to HALT all removals and ask for a "re-evaluation" of "the plans." Interested parties can contact me for more info by emailing: or calling me directly at (518) 753 - 7791

All contacts and conversations will be kept confidental.


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