Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another "Take" on The R.O.A.M. Act

COMMENTS and FYI...Re: UPDATE : S.1579 - Senate version of the Restore Our American Mustangs Act

8-11-2009 They've already eliminated "NATURAL thriving ecological balance". Looks like the public lands livestock industry has had a heavy hand in this and others who don't know the 1971 Act, etc. Good old NV Harry Reid and Ensign's marks are on this as well. Ensign is an obstructionist to any proposed protection and Harry gave MT Conrad Burn's his blessing to gut and allow slaughter of wild horses. Harry is a Mormon and the long time wealthy "family" Utah contractor, Cattoor***, is one as well. Harry is protecting his special interest non-profit wealthy religious group members. Ensign, a member of the Washington DC "Family" on C street is a buddy of now Gov. Gibbons and was part of the 7-13-98 Fed. subcommittee meeting in Reno to allow "sale authority" of wild horses and to repeal the 1971 Act. What's wrong with you people? No back bones! The 1971 Act is clear! You are playing right into the hands of these people at the expense of our wild horses/burros freedom and legal rights to their home ranges.

PS: ***
5-22-1992 Pleads guilty (plea bargaining): 3-11-1992

Yowell, Moss, Zabarte, Hicks, Cattoor and Heaverne

COUNT ONE of CONSPIRACY –to use an aircraft for purpose of capturing and killing wild, unbranded horses, mares and clots running at large on public land or range.

-the defendants were herded onto and held at the Duckwater Indian Reservation and caused the horses to be sold and shipped by truck to Great Western Meats in Morton, Texas to be slaughtered and processed.

COUNT TWO use of aircraft to capture wild horses; aiding and abetting on or about 8-11, 8-12-1990.

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