Friday, July 31, 2009

The REAL Reason Behind the Push for Nevadas Removals and the People Behind the Push

In the Preliminary Environmental Assessments (EA's) for the Ely "gathers," buried within all the text claiming "rangeland declimation due to overpopulation of wild horses," (of course, no mention of any cows, who as we all know outnumber the horses by approximatley 200 to 1!) eluded to briefly in the paragraph (after pages and pages of text claiming "overpopulation of wild horses,).. the REAL reason behind the removals is given:

On the Seaman & White River EA, pg. 5 (top) and, on the Caliente (EA) pg. 1.o (top) it states:

" Implementation of the Proposed Action(s) are needed at this time to achieve and maintain established appropriate management levels, to improve watershed health, and .....(now get this:) to make "significant progress towards the achievement" of Mohave/Southern Great Basis Resource Advisory Council (RAC) Standards for Rangeland Health......

What is the Great Basin Restoration Project and what is their idea of "rangeland health and what are their plans and who are the people (Orgs) Behind the Push for the Plan?

Well it all started back in 1984 with the Southern Nevada Land Management Act
which led to the formation of the Eastern Nevada Landscape Restoration Project and which led to the formation of the

Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition

whos members are, among others;

Bighorns Unlimited, Bureau of Land Management, Ducks Unlimited-Nevada, Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn, Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Great Basin National Park, Mule Deer Foundation, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Nevada Cattlemen's Association, Nevada Farm Bureau Federation, Nevada Wool Growers Association, Red Rock Audubon Society, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and The Nature Conservancy-Nevada.

So now we can see the REAL reason they want the horses off the land, all boils down to "other" resouce managment (big game & duck hunting) and exploiting the land in new and expansive ways (mineral, mining, water resource development, wind farms, right of way lines for over and under the ground, and, of course, community development. There is alot of "land swapping" going on back in forth in Nevada between state and federal properties. It is an aligning of dark forces with their own ideas and agendas of what should be done with our public(and private) lands (ouch)and let us not forget about that all consuming monster of a law, "Eminent Domain." When the gov't want to get your land, there no stopping them. No one is immune to its bite.

For all the talk about rangeland restoration in these reports, there is no mention of how their plans will effect the status of the grazing permits that are allotted on these lands they intend to develop. My Best guess is that, once the horses are gone, the cows will "quietly" stay as development occurs around them. Some day they will be gone too, and that would be a shame also. There has to be a better way. We must find that "happy median" if either of them are to continue to exist.

Read more about these laws, the plans and the coalition. Chances are, something along these lines (of deception) may be going on in your neighborhood too.

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