Friday, July 31, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read All About It: Sec of the Interior Warns Grazing Permit Holders Against the Selling, Sub-leasing or Transfer of Same

Houston Has a Good Idea back in 1918, but his message went unheeded.

Click on title above to see the Jan 13 1918 NY Times article;

*The selling and transfer of grazing permits continues on onto this day, thanks to a rider quietly slipped into the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934,.....grazing permits, in many cases, create a "vested interest" for the ranchers who hold them, with the full force and effect of a transferable title and are in fact a hot commodity and much desired in todays speculative market. Banks are taking them as colleradral for huge loans. Foreigners and other wealthy speculators are buying them them up whenever they can. Grazing permits and the rights they bestow to the holders are a "stock" perferred by the players second only to gold!

Once a grazing permit is issued, the value of the holders own home increases significanlty and, in many cases, the holder can do what he wants, will it, transfer it, sub-let it, sell it or DO NOTHING with it at all (let it remain un-used even for his own grazing!) Worse yet, if a grazing permit needs to be cancelled, the holder is entitled to compensation of the loss at full market value of his property!
Administration of the Grazing program cost taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars each is the biggest, most secretive social welfare program in the USA that benefits only a handful of ranchers. No wonder they refuse to give up ranching although their is little, if any, profit to be made. The permits they "hold or own" are worth infinately more than their cattle operations! No wonder they want to hold on to their permits even if they are not using them. Privately owned cows on our public lands are insurance, sort of like a bond held contigent upon transfer or sale. The cows MUST remain if the permits are to hold their value as "futures speculation."

Imagine the financial crisis that would be created for the holders (and all other interested and involved parties and/or speculators) if grazing permits were revoked!
The permits they hold, own or have a financial interest in would be rendered worthless and the value of the holders own properties would go waaay down.

Yes sir ree indeed. The "vested property interest" that comes along with these grazing permits gives new meaning to the name "stock-holder," and I dont mean the four-legged kind.

There should be NO DOUBT in any reasonable persons mind that Wall St and Big Banksters have a HUGE interest also in keeping privately owned cattle on our public long as they "hold the notes" or are somehow connected "financially interested parties"

Once again it boils down to self-dealing and enrichment schemes and we all know our govt in all of its branches (as well as wall st and the banks, which in fact as time has proven, IS our govt,)...has always been rife with secrecy, corruption and dirty dealing at public expense, but the Grazing Administration and the mis-managment and deception of the BLM take the proverbial cake, while the rest of us common-folk Americans get crummed.

Wake up Americans, its time to take our public lands back from the hands of the wealthy few. Do like former Sec of the Interior Huston advised us way back in 1913,...remove the "vested right" privlidge and forbid the transfer of grazing permits and mandate that they be used by the holder or lost.

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