Friday, July 16, 2010

Partial Victory in the Tuscarora Ruling

Judge Hicks issued a partial ruling - 1 of 3 Tuscarora area roundups will go forward tomorrow, due to the lack of water for the horses.
not all bad news - this is really positive: The judge ruled plaintiff Laura Leigh's 1st amendment rights were violated by banning the public so she will be there documenting on our behalf.
Prayers for the Owyhee wild ones tomorrow. thanks for hanging in there with all the emails this week. Cheers, Susan
more from vicki at EWA:
Jeez, I had to run out for a few hours and it hit the fan - LOL!

The choppers will fly tomorrow but Laura won the 1st amendment argument and will be allowed to observe. Please note, the BLM will be allowed to round-up only the horses in Owyhee.

Additional arguments will be heard on Monday for the other two herd areas involved.

Please visit RTs blog for an audio soundbite.

You can read more at Animal Law Coalition including a copy of the order.

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