Friday, July 23, 2010

"Gasland" Something for T. Boone to Think About


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Lisa L. said...

Additionally, and jus' cause I like to stir the sh*t whenever possible:
Many of the cattle ranchers interviewed for this doc are Wyoming fellas, carrying on ancestral traditions. It broke my heart a little to see an older gentleman genuinely hurt & surprised that a corporation would not 'keep it's word.' Because these folks swing it Old Skool and your word is supposed to mean something.
and B) Wyoming's First Lady Friend to the Horse, Ms. sue wallis, seems insanely occupied with her plan of demise-by-butcher of the nation's excess, unwanted, old, and formerly wild Horses while her constituents are forced to drink & breathe solvents that can literally etch stone.
Were I a Wyoming cattle rancher whose soul & livliehood were sold to Natural Gas Extraction, I'd be raining Hell upon the heads of my officials.
Seems sue's a little blinded by her obsession, doesn't it.