Friday, April 17, 2009

John Rickman, teacher, calls wild horses parasites, recommends "shooting them all."

"... I say shoot them all. They are an alien species that steal habitat from indigenous species and must be supported artificially by feeding programs. Without humans they would have disappeared decades ago.

They are small because grass fed horses HAVE to be small. There is not enough nutrition in plain grass to support large horses. While doing research for an article I just did on medieval horse archers I found that a lactating mare above 14 hands high cannot eat enough grass in a 48 hour period to supply the nutritional needs of just 24 hours. Only grain can provide that sort of nutrition.

These foreign parasites need to be removed from the ecology so that native species have a chance to survive...."


Click on title above to go to article "They Shoot Horses, Dont They" and see Rickmans comment here and leave your own;

Rickmans "Blind Pig" website;

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