Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 Strikes "unadoptables" to be euthanised?

By now you have all probably heard about the mess of a situation with privately owned mustangs at "Three Strikes" Resuce in Tx. There are over 100 neglected mustangs taken out of there but now the word is that some deemed "unadoptable" are facing euthansia. At least one woker "on the ground" has reported that these "unadoptables" are far from needing to be put down. We are tryng to place them before that happens. Can you help?

For Immediate Release

Zuma's Rescue Ranch
Contact: Jodi Messenich

Denkai Animal Sanctuary

Urgent! 3 Strikes Horses Face Euthanasia

Alliance, NE - A phone call update this morning directly from Jodi
Messenich with Zuma's Rescue Ranch who has been on the ground in Alliance,
NE for the last couple of weeks brought gloomy news.

Jodi and her volunteers spent the day yesterday loading more than 60 horses
into trailers that have been transported to the local fairgrounds in
Nebraska where they are being housed until further notice. There are still
12 horses to move this morning as well as more in the field, so the
operations will continue today.

According to Jodi most of these horses just walked onto trailers and
followed a grain bucket, there are many that are halter trained and
workable if they could only have a chance to recover.

Gina Berg had overheard a conversation with Jerry Finch in which it was
stated of the sick horses; These horses are not adoptable, we are going to
have to euthanize them.

These horses are not beyond recovery according to Jodi Messenich. They
need a place to go and people who can afford to put the resources into
recovering them.

YOU CAN HELP! This can be prevented.

This need is Great and it is Urgent. Call Jerry Finch at: (409) 682-6621.
Let him know if you or anybody you know has the ability to take on some of
these horses. Please remember that they will need a lot of TLC and
recovery time and resources will be needed to care for these horses.

Should Rescue organizations or Sanctuaries step up to house these horses,
make sure that the funding is in place to care for them for months and even
years to come. Many of the mares are pregnant, two more newborn babies
were discovered on the range over the last day.

Help network this out and do it now, these horses do not have much time.


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