Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nullification Today

Interview with a Zomie by Dr. Thomas Wood;

Nullification, in the sense used in this vid, is something we SCREAM when a law is imposed upon us that we think goes against the Constitution. We claim that that law which we are expected to abide by is NULL because it goes against a constitutional right, clause or provision. In the legal sense, persuant to the Constitution, nullification of a law can only be done by the legislature, which alone has the power to make, modify, amend, void or otherwise change the laws it makes. In this sense of the word, the BLM, by ignoring the provisions of the Wild Free-roaming Horses & Burro Act (WFHBA) of 1971, particularly the part that says the wild equines have a right to remain on their historic lands, ignoring it,...they are, in effect, nullifying that particular provision of the law. Since only the legislative body of our govt can make or modify law, when an administrative body such as the BLM acts in such a way as to nullify statutory law, creates a "seperation of powers" issue that may run afoul of the Constitutional provisions granting sole lawmaking powers to our legislative branch of govt. Not only is the BLM unconstitutionally nullifying statutory law, they are abusing and acting in excess of their authority in doing so.

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