Friday, November 26, 2010

Feedback on Ely FOIA Docs Due

The time has come to share our input with the DOJ on the FOIA Docs regarding the Seaman, Golden Gate, White River and Caliente herds gathered last year. The nearest I can tell by the mish-mash of documents provided is that, out of the 689 horses alleged gathered, according to the shipping manifests, only 675 were loaded onto trucks,..but according to the Unloading Documents, only 476 were offloaded (but documents dont say where.) 557 horses are marked as freeze branded, but also, docs do not say where or when. When I add up the horses trucked as per stated on the Brand Inspection Clearance Certificates, I get a total of 1,031 horses - and ALL of these are marked "Unbranded."

Total # of horses gathered : 689

# indicated as loaded
onto trucks (unbranded) 675

# indicated as offloaded
(unbranded) 476

# indicated as branded 557

# indicated as shipped
(unbranded) 1, 031
under licence


675 Seaman, Golden Gate, White River & Caliente horses loaded onto trucks, we have only
476 offloaded somewhere, for a shortage of
199 Seaman, GG, WR & Caliente horses (NOT indicated as off-loaded anywhere / missing)

Anybody get anything different? Anybody got anything to add?



Unknown said...

I can't tell if they just counted them all as hipped unbranded and then branded them later at Ridgefield? I work for a government agency (local sheriff) and I know if my docs were as lousy as theirs, I'd be talking to the boss. Really bad bookeeping. I think those numbers are as good as I can figure--the issue is who got branded and who didn't and the discrepancy between the 689 shipped to Ridgefield and the 500+branded. What happened to the rest? Did they die in transit? At Ridgefield? Sold unbranded?

Karen Rhinevault

MorganLvr said...

My bet is that they were sold unbranded. To guess who/what. The BLM does this deliberately so they can claim anything they want and change the numbers any time they need to cover their asses.

Unacceptable situation!