Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update: Jubic v. Salazar, Ely FOIA Case # 10-1361 (RWR)


Received motion from DOJ for an extention of time to answer my complaint, saying also, "In addition to investigating the facts of the case, the Agency is in the process of producing additional records in response to Plaintiffs FOIA Request."

Cant wait to see what these "additional documents" might be, and if they dont give us information regarding the whereabouts of all 600+ horses we will will NOT be happy with that reply either. We want to know where they ALL went.

Will keep yas posted here on progress as it unfolds in this case.


Lisa LeBlanc said...

Ya know, Ms. Jubic has been VERY patient and shown remarkable restraint in pursuing this; I think she should tell the DOJ to stuff their extension - time's up, everybody gimme yer documents.
Unless something dark and evil has occured, and the Boys in charge need a little more time to craft a cover story.
I realize this is a huge government undertaking - locating some POS Horses no one but Citizen Advocates give a sh*t about, and the wheels roll s-l-o-w but c'mon: SERIOUSLY??!!
How do you 'accidentally' misplace 600 wild Equines? Incompetence, criminality or both?

Mz.Many Names said...

As a "professional" courtsey, I have agreed to a sixty day extention. They have until Nov. 27 to respond. I may need a favor in kind from them during the course of this litigation, so it pays to "be nice," at this point. They have yet to see the full force of my wrath, which I am holding in reserve for the moment I feel they are jerking me...the DOJ, not BLM.

Lisa LeBlanc said...

My apologies; if anyone should be feeling righteously indignant, it is Les Mz.
I have kept an eye on this, along with about a million-dy other stuff and I applaud your seemingly infinite patience.
My only hope is that, off-blog, you have an extraordinary capacity for filthy language.
I remain, as always, a Fan and a steadfast Virtual Supporter. Please keep me informed as I have a capacity for filthiness myself, should the need arise.

Mz.Many Names said...

"....My only hope is that, off-blog, you have an extraordinary capacity for filthy language..."

Your hope is not in vain....I can cuss up a storm right along with the best of them! Its been said I can put a drunkin sailor to shame! Lol