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Conversations w/ the Enemy Camp and Crippled Foals at Twin Peaks

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Christine A. Jubic - So nice that you have an open group. I love transparency. What laws do you enforce? Administrative only?

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Bureau of Land Managment Law Enforcement@
 Hi Christine, Thanks for your interest, we enforce mainly the 43rd Chapter of the Code of Federal Regulations and the United States Code on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management. We enforce them criminally and administratively. If your unfamiliar with the patrol function it is somewhat similar to the officers of the National Park Service or Forest Service, we are other officers that patrol our nations public lands.

Christine A. Jubic Thank you for your informative reply. Where can I find the BLMs Administrative Rules??

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Christine A. Jubic- Can u tell me why would the BLM pay workers to use their own horses when we have so many wild ones that could use a job? -

Christine A. Jubic - Also I see you enforce the ORV laws and am wondering, are public lands ranchers exempt from those laws, cause I c'em riding them things all over the place like crazy. Dont the ORV laws apply to them?

Bureau of Land Managment Law Enforcement -
Hey Christine...well when it comes to horses and burros I don't know too much from the Law Enforcement perspective....I know that some BLM offices do use wild horses and some use their own horses, I am guessing it depends on that specific workers interest in horses....

I was actually in Susanville, CA assist with a wild horse and burro round up.....

That link has the most up to date information on the Twin Peaks herd management area that I was at as a Law Enforcement Ranger. Sorry to pass the buck but I am sure any of the adoption centers know wild horse and burro questions better than me!

As far as ORV or OHV laws they do apply to ranchers on BLM they need their helmet and registration depending on what state they are operating in, also they should be sticking to designated trails or off road areas.

Christine A. Jubic ‎...Thank you for your response. I hear the Twin Peaks Round-Up was a disaster for the horses like all the rest of the "gathers." As for the public lands ranchers I see them running all over the place. Dont you know them cows dont know about stickin to no trails? Seems to me, they way they like to patch out on them things and swirl them around doin donuts and all, its worse then all them darn cows (that outnumber the wild horses by about 150 to 1) a tearin' up our lands and poundin our prairies into dust. When are yea's agonna' do sumtin bout dem?

One of  the crippled colts at 1:29, Twin Peaks Round-Up;

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