Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fallon Closing to Public?

Maybe they will let Leah and Marilyn and Willis and other mentors and the like in, with a special "Salazoo Pass," since they are down with the plan. Really I give up on this war as I have told them so many times how to put a stop to BLM BS once and for all but no ones listning....what more can I say or do? I have GOT to move on....scuse the pun but I aint whipping this "dead horse" no-more and soon will be poofing this blog. If there is any info anyone wants from it I suggest you grab it now for in a few days it will all be gone. The Wild Horse Wars are lost.

Demand BLM Keep Fallon Open to the Public - Thursday 6/10 last day openShare. Today at 3:17am

Fallon is closing it's doors to the public after Thursday's tour. Thursday will be the last time any of the 300 brand new foals will be seen by the public; many are starting to get sick too. Now we won't ever know what becomes of them. When adoption time begins, who knows where they will all be. There are also 1700 horses we won't know about. A visitor is the one who noticed that the mare of the starved foal Sorro was stealing another mare's foal after Sorro died. The public has been the eyes for the understaffed (and often oblivious) employees there.

Please write these people to ask the doors remain open:
(Tell Bob Abbey this will be a good start to that 'new direction" for the BLM he is talking about. Let's have him prove it by keeping the public allowed at Fallon.)

BOB ABBEY email=
Please cc: him on all emails


Anonymous said...

I understand your frustration. I too am feeling that the only way to help the wild horses is to physically set them free, since every letter we write is completely ignored. If you decide not to post any new comments, could you please leave up the website. Some people may find their way to it and will appreciate all the information here and others, like myself, who only recently discovered this blog, would like the chance to go back and read the posts they missed.

Mz.Many Names said...

Thank you Anonymous for those those kind words. Of course I will leave the blog up for awhile more, at least until we see which way the wind blows....IF there is any justice left in the US at all, of the type that can be had through the courts,.... THERE IS a GOOD chance we can still stop the BLMs mass extermination plan,.. as I have outlined (once again) in my latest post re: Craigs Plan. All that it would take to try is a good constitutional lawyer with a heart for the cause to raise the issues I have found. If a lawyer or anybody who knows the law has any doubt about the merit of my claims, I am more than willing to discuss and/or debate these issues with them, fact I am DYING too,....cause I cant help but wonder why no lawyer can see that they are IN FACT meritous.
Thanks for making me feel just a little bit better and I hope I have done the same for you.
In the Struggle to See it End
Peace-Out My Empathetic Friend

Anne Novak said...

Please keep your blog up. It is very informative. Thank you for your in depth coverage.

CJ said...

Thank you Anne, out of respect for all those asking, I am going to leave it up for now. The good news is that some people are starting to pick up on the idea of suing the BLM for statutory nullification and I think now some are on the hunt for a good Constitutional lawyer willing to discuss the issue with them....I am feeling now that maybe there is still hope yet, so the WH(&B)W blog will stay!
Thank you for your kind words and for your own dedication to this cause.