Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update: Ely FOIA Lawsuit: BLM Releases Previously Withheld Documents

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As some of you may know, I have been battling the Nevada BLM since late 2009 trying to find out what happened to 630 wild horses removed from the Seaman, White River, Golden Gate and Caliente Herds. I did a Freedom of Info request and they ...sent me over 700 "made up" documents that are impossible to decipher and didnt tell me anything. They also claimed that the gather contracts were exempt from disclosure do to "concerns" about "pricing" and the contractors Of course I challanged that determination and lo and behold I won!!! The BLM released the contractors documents to me just last week.....but what have I really "won" cause these documents also dont tell me nothin. The contract reads not for "so many horses" but only lists that the payment will be for "so much a head" and OF COURSE the total pricing info is blacked out, it is impossible to tell HOW MANY head without knowing the total amount paid to them! Of course I am going to dispute the withholding of the pricing info on just those grounds. *Please note: Although I only asked for 2009 records, as you can see by this doc, they provided me with docs from 2006 on. Am posting this one just as an example for they all are more or less the same. ..

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Unknown said...

Geez-what a bunch of hooey! Since we've been ordered to release the info to you , here are some papers with the info blacked out. Keep us posted and let us know when there is something you need help with.

Mz.Many Names said...

Will do Karen, and talking to the DOJ/DOI lawyers now, voicing my objections to the non-disclosure of pricing info on the contacts. If you know of any one who the BLM has released contract pricing info to in the past, that would most certainly help my argument that pricing info on govt contracts is not exempt from public disclosure.