Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Action Alert / To Stop the Funding

RELAY THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVES ON BEHALF OF AMERICA’S WILD HORSES. SUBJECT: DOI/BLM Wild Horse & Burro Program – Stop Funding & Stop Roundups/Removals though FY11 & FY12 Appropriations I am an American taxpayer & a citizen who wants our iconic wild horses & burros to be properly protected & preserved for generations to come on their legal Western homelands. This is not happening with the current mismanagement of the Program by the BLM. They are using the sole strategy of cruel roundups, removals & warehousing of WH&B at huge taxpayer expense when more cost-effective, on-the-range management strategies could be utilized. They are managing America’s Western heritage to extinction & must be stopped until the whole Program is completely reformed. As your constituent, I request you to categorically support appropriations language right now that: - rejects the additional $12M funding for the Program in the FY11 CR & FY12 Budget & maintains the FY10 level of $64M both years. - suspends roundups/removals in all but verifiable emergency situations while the NAS conducts a scientific review of the Program. - prohibits the use of any funds to euthanize healthy WH&B directly or indirectly for slaughter. - funds public/private partnerships & allows conversion of livestock grazing allotments to WH&B use. - funds an independent, state-of-the-art census of WH&B on the range & in holding to obtain an accurate population baseline. - requires truly reformed, humane WH&B handling protocols. Thank you for your immediate attention. I would appreciate a response from you on whether or not you will support this request in the committee negotiation stage and/or when it comes up for vote on the floor in the near future. (Your Name and Address) Alert Courtesy of Carla Bowers. PH

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