Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Desert Toyota Golf Tourney Helps Wild Horses

The event will be held at Angel Park Golf Club's Palm course at 1 p.m. The $300 registration fee covers four players and all proceeds go to the Return to Freedom Sanctuary, located in Lompoc, Calif.

"We're trying to bring awareness to Northern Nevada's wild horses," said Kalei Dudoit, general manager of Desert Toyota, whose wife, Rhonda, is a co-founder of Freedom for Wild Horses.

Return to Freedom is a nonprofit organization that seeks to preserve the freedom, diversity and habitat of America's wild horses through sanctuary, education and conservation.

To sign up for the golf outing, visit Desert Toyota at 6300 W. Sahara Ave. or e-mail Rhonda Dudoit at Rhonda@ FreedomForWildHorses.com.

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