Monday, January 4, 2010

Madeline Embarks on New Wild Horse Campaign

Click on title above to go to Madeline Pickens website where she is embarking on a new mission to stop all the round-ups and looking for ideas, a shared a few of mine with her when signing her guestbook. I forgot to mention there my strong opposition to the ROAM Act and why, as I see she is supporting it again, but I shall address that matter in another, seperate blurb

Christine A Jubic
Jan 04, 2010

Madeleine I think one way you could help stop BLM in its tracks with all these gathers and “zeroing-out” of herds is to hire a good law firm to defend their right to remain on their traditional lands and be the principal users of them. The BLM is ignoring this provision of Federal Statutory Law and a good legal team arguing it right could win. Also a certain provision of the FLPMA exempts wild horse territory from any “mandated” multiple use and from any “balancing of resources” as their lands were already specified as principally for use by the wild equines. The BLM is violating several important Federal Statutory Laws and the result is NULLIFICATION of those laws and THAT is an impermissable delegation of the lawmaking (and breaking) powers of the legislature and THAT is a seperation-of-powers issue of Constitutional Proportions. Have your lawyers argue that right and the horses will win.

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