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Livestock Trespassing / Winnemucca

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BLM Impounds Trespass Livestock

The Winnemucca Field Office is impounding livestock belonging primarily to two owners, Inger Casey and Larry Dudley Hiibel. There may be as many as 500 cattle in trespass on public lands in the Grass Valley area. Casey and Hiibel have grazed livestock in willful trespass off and on for the past several years. They are not permittees and have never held grazing permits in the area. Livestock belonging to other individuals with a history of trespass may also be impounded. Some of the livestock are grazing in trespass are on public lands seeded as part of rehabilitation work following wildland fires, which jeopardizes the rate of success. Some of the livestock are encroaching in areas in which other livestock owners hold valid permits to graze.

The impoundment location is the extreme north end of the East Range, 12 to 20 miles southwest of Winnemucca. The area includes Dun Glen Peak, Auld Lang Syne Peak, Rose Creek and extends into the west edge of Grass Valley. The primary impoundment area is generally bounded on the north and northwest by I-80, on the east by Herschell Road, on the south by Jupiter Mine Road and Barber Canyon Road, and on the southwest by Dun Glen-Star City Road. Land ownership in the area is mixed public and private in the checkerboard land pattern created by the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862.

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