Saturday, August 1, 2009

BLMs "Wild Horse Identification & Management System" (WHIMS) Who Can Use It?

YOU can! Track-a-Wild-Horse through this program. A GOOD way to come to know and keep on eye on individual herd members!

Federal and State land managers, adoption program managers, wild horse conservation organizations, and even individual horse owners can use WHIMS. Summing up her satisfaction with the program, Linda Coates-Markle, former Montana/Dakotas Wild Horse and Burro Program State Lead and WHIMS user, stated, "I see great applicability of WHIMS to other BLM offices as well as those individuals who use data on horses in their day-to-day activities. Its ability to manage the growing catalog of data as well as improve the consistency of horse identification has greatly assisted us in addressing herd management issues in the Pryor Mts.

Click on title above to see how it works;

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MorganG said...

I went and checked out the software, which looks like it gives a lot of the data I have been looking for. I just have not been able to actually access the software. Do you have to download it or purchase it? Please post instructions. Thanks to all.